“My hybrid babies” 

“My hybrid babies”, mixed media, 2021

“My Hybrid Babies” focuses on the necessity for an experimental process of exploring an emotional activation in the borderland between repulsion and attraction. Where the experiments and the final work are subjects for this fascination.

An uncontrollable relationship follows me in every step. By using materials with a previous history such as animal bodies, plants, and organic material, I bind myself to physical qualities I cannot ignore even if I wanted to. They are what motivates me to delve deeper.

The objects share space in a queer archive format. The familiar and harmless share space with surreal, or even off-putting connotations in a dynamic juxtaposition. The installation examines how a collection of finished work and samples can mediate the experiences I have collected throughout my process. With it I want to discuss a side of an artistic practice seldom spoken about, the process. Sharing the story of how something was created plays an important role of the educational system in art schools.

The objects are placed on tiles on a platform and when reconfigured they generate new relations between the objects. The movement visualizes my process where control and order will have to succumb.

I want my work to express an experience of what one cannot comprehend and acceptance of it. That something fascinating and repulsive can be carried together and support acceptance of ones own mortality.